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International architectural and interior design firm.
The GNA team provides innovative solutions for high-end projects, from luxury to large, use developments. Each project is given attention and focus to understand its complex and enhance its qualitiy. GNA brings its expertise to bear on architecture and interior design.

GNArchitecture & Design is an international architecture and design firm, founded in 2001 by Gal Nauer, and has been operating in two creative studios the first in Israel (2001), and the second in New York (2004). GNA has participated in the past years in unique projects around the world, ranging from Luxury hotels, Condominiums, custom Residences, Bars and Restaurants, Design concept and competitions, Innovative New Construction, Restoration and Mega renovations of iconic landmarks to unique exhibitions centers retail and galleries.

Gal Nauer leads her team of highly skilled architects and interior design professionals who bring their expertise and innovative problem solving to master planning architecture, interior and product design. Nauer firmly embraces a design principle of balance, a melding of the historic and the contemporary by respecting and incorporating the values of tradition and innovation within a modern design aesthetic.

Architecture, we believe, is the mother of all arts and according to the studio’s philosophy, is capable to cross boundaries, bridge cultures, bring people together, create unique moments in time, and make a better world. In both studios, we follow a holistic architectural approach. Treating every project as a product, a masterpiece. The vocabulary of the exterior and the interior is one. In addition, the experience from the master plan through all its spaces is consistent and continuous.

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